Two Important Notices from Cypress Creek Utility District

Date for Surface Water Conversion

The CCUD Board was recently notified that effective June 1st, the district will begin receiving surface water.  The change in water disinfectant from chlorine to chloramines has been successfully completed without any complaints of district customers.   Should customers experience any change in water color or water pressure during the change to surface water, please notify Water, Environmental & Technical Services, Inc at 281-469-2837.  Please note you may notice a change in water flavor with the change to surface water.

North Harris County Regional Water Authority Rate Increase

Effective June 16th, the NHCRWA rate will increase from $5.06 to $5.56/1000 gallons of water consumed.  This increase is directly related to the change from groundwater (well water) to surface water.  Currently the average monthly residential NHCRWA bill is about $39.16 for 7,740 gallons of water used and with the new rate structure it will be about $43.03, a $3.87 increase.

Note:  the insert in this month’s water bill incorrectly stated the conversion to surface water would begin June 16th.  That is the date for the rate increase.  The conversion to surface water will begin June 1st.

Important Notice from Cypress Creek Utility District

Reminder: Change in Water Disinfection Process

Early next week, May 16th or 17th, the Cypress Creek Utility District will be changing the disinfectant that we use from chlorine to chloramines. This change is required for the conversion to surface water. The change in chloramines can cause problems to persons on home dialysis machines and may be toxic to aquarium fish. Click here for more information:

You should not notice any significant change in taste or color of your water or in your water pressure. If you do, please report the issue to our district operators, Water, Environmental and Technical Services (WETS) at 281-469-2837.

Update on Conversion to Surface Water

Last evening, the CCUD Board of Directors was notified of a 3-4 week delay in the conversion to surface water. The CCUD Board will continue efforts to keep district residents updated on the date of water conversion.

Water Conservation Program

The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District has been working with many entities, like Cypress Creek Utility District, to promote water conservation and the efficient use of our water resources. Over the past year, the District has added additional resources to our Water Conservation Program focusing specifically on outdoor water use and landscape irrigation. Outdoor water use can account for nearly 40% of the annual household water use. The additional resources tools provided by this program include free online guidance to homeowners on efficient outdoor water use based on real-time climate data. You can access the information by going to

Information on the website will be updated from time to time, so if you would like to be notified of new or updated information please go to to register for updates. Additionally, we welcome comments on this resource and look forward to hearing from you regarding this new tool provided by the District’s Water Conservation Program.

Rate Increase

Effective April 1st, the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) will be raising the rates that it charges the Cypress Creek Utility District (the District). Accordingly, the District is passing through this rate increase, and therefore the NHCRWA charge on your water bill will increase from $2.64 to $3.19 per 1,000 gallons of water consumed on your water bill. Currently, the average monthly residential NHCRWA bill is about $18.43 and with the new rate structure, it will be about $22.27, a $3.84 increase.