Replacing Aging Water Lines in Norchester

Cypress Creek Utility District is beginning phased projects to replace aging water lines in Norchester. The contractor has started work on Creektree and Dunbrook streets. Homeowners are being notified by door hangers when work is beginning, and we plan to provide updates on areas to be worked on as the work progresses through multiple phases.

Our contractor was able to start early on Creektree/Dunbrook due to the required pipe becoming available earlier than expected. We expect to get more notice on future segments.

This work involves completely replacing the old water piping (around 50 years old) in stages. First will be installing new piping in ground alongside the old pipe. That is beginning now. This stage will NOT require turning off water. Once the main pipe is in place, the contractor will go back through and connect the new main lines to service lines running to houses. This WILL require turning off water to allow reconnecting the service lines. Homeowners will be notified when this work will be done.

When these projects are completed, we expect to have a more reliable water delivery system that is easier to maintain and less intrusive to work on.

We look forward to serving you better with this new system.