Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspections – Phase 3 & 4

Sanitary sewer cleaning and video inspections for Phase 3 are scheduled to be completed by Thursday, February 2nd , and Phase 4 is scheduled to commence (see Sanitary Rehab Phase Map). Residents within this area should have already received a preliminary notice for the upcoming work on the front door. If any residents within the Phase 4 area have not received a “1-week notice” on their front door, please call Mike Blasczyk at 832-396-1233 or Dale Rogers at 281-898-0636 with Insituform Technologies, LLC.

A second notice will be posted on the front door of the residents in Phase 4, 24-hours before work begins at any residence. Residents within the Phase 4 areas should check their front door daily for the 24-hour notice.

While the Contractor will make their best efforts to stick to the tentative schedule, sometimes factors like weather and other circumstances may affect the schedule.