Two Important Notices from Cypress Creek Utility District

Surface Water Conversion

The CCUD Board has been notified that the District will soon begin receiving surface water. It could occur as soon as June 13, but the exact date is uncertain. The change in water disinfectant from chlorine to chloramines has been successfully completed without any complaints of district customers. Should customers experience any change in water color or water pressure during the change to surface water, please notify Water, Environmental & Technical Services, Inc at 281-469-2837. Please note you may notice a change in water flavor with the change to surface water.

North Harris County Regional Water Authority Fee Increase

The District will soon begin purchasing surface water from the NHCRWA and paying the NHCRWA’s purchase fee. Commencing with the District’s June billing cycle, the NHCRWA fee on your monthly water bill will increase from $5.06 to $5.56/1000 gallons of water consumed. This increase is directly related to the change from groundwater (well water) to surface water. Currently the NHCRWA fee on the average monthly residential water bill is about $39.16 for 7,740 gallons of water used, and with the increase it will be about $43.03, a change of $3.87. The increase will first appear on the bill you receive in July.