Update: Texas Pride Disposal Services

Texas Pride Disposal began trash and recycling service to our district on March 1st. The Cypress Creek Board of Directors are aware of, and are addressing, multiple customer service concerns. Service concerns include (but are not limited to): blocking driveways with collected trash, failure to return homeowner trash cans to back door locations, failure to pick up large trash items and poor response (or no response) to calls and email complaints.

Upon the request of Glenn Land, President of CCUD District, a manager from Texas Pride Disposal Services attended the March 14th board meeting to review complaints and expectation of services. Shortly after the meeting, a new working crew was brought in to replace one of the original crews. Also, Texas Pride is currently updating their phone system.

While some areas in the CCUD reportedly are receiving good service from Texas Pride, there are still some ongoing issues that the CCUD Board is addressing with the owner and management of the company.

If you have a problem or concern with trash/recycle pick up, please continue to report these by either calling the company at 281-342-8178 or sending an email to service@texaspridedisposal.com. You may also communicate with your CCUD Board of Directors at https://www.cycreekud.com/contact but this communication should be in addition to reporting directly to Texas Pride Disposal using the contact information provided above.