Water Line Replacement Work

Cypress Creek UD contractors are now working on replacing aging water lines in the district. Existing lines are original to the construction of the subdivision, and are near 50 years old and in need of replacement. The current phase of the project is main water lines in Section 1 of Norchester. Below is a list of areas being worked and estimated timelines from our district engineering.

Waterline replacement installation is scheduled to occur at the following locations as noted below:

  • Creektree Dr. (east of Balcrest Dr.) – late December and early January 2021
  • Dunbrook (east of Balcrest Dr.) – late December and early January 2021
  • Balcrest Drive (from Archmont Dr. to Dunbrook Dr.) – January 2021
  • Jones Road (from Norchester Village Drive to Cypresswood Drive) – February late January to April 2021
  • Balcrest Drive (from Cypresswood Drive to Jaycreek Drive) – April to June 2021.

The construction approach is to first install the water mains. The Contractor will typically install only what they can complete for a given day. So, if excavation starts in the morning, they will continue until the work is complete and the hole(s) are backfilled. At some time later in the project, the Contractor will come back and install valves and fire hydrants. They will also perform pressure tests and chlorination of the water lines. Once that is complete, they will connect the residential service lines to the new water line and finally connect to the existing water system for the new lines to be active.

The Contractor is expected to clean the site at the end of each day and the end of each week. The Contractor is required to restore any damage made to property (driveways, sprinklers, grass, landscaping, etc.) or public infrastructure. Any repairs are required to be made to the same or better condition prior to construction. The complete restoration will occur sometime toward the end of the project. For example, the sod will be placed at excavated areas at the end of the project.

As in all construction work, there will be areas where we will have excavation, moving equipment, and traffic congestion. Residents should be advised to exercise appropriate caution when traveling in or through these areas. We ask that residents explain these conditions to all members of their household or business and caution small children to avoid these areas. In the event residents need special assistance or attention during this period, please advise the Contractor so they can make necessary provisions. We understand this is an inconvenience to the residents, but hopefully it will be minimal. This project will enhance the quality and performance of your water. We appreciate your patience.

The Contractor performing the work is McKinney Construction, Inc. The superintendent is Jose Negrete (281-924-0396).