Waterline Replacement – Project Update

The new water line along Balcrest (between Dunbrook and Archmont) is being completed. The next steps, at this area, is to pressure test the lines, chlorinate it, and transfer water service connections from the old water line to the new one. This is expected to occur in the next week or two.

In addition, next week, the Contractor is scheduled to start installing the water line along Jones Road (staring at Norchester Village Drive then continuing north to Cypresswood Dr.). The new water line will be installed along the center of Jones Road along the esplanades and will connect to the existing waterline on the side streets. The water line will be placed under the pavement using bore pits as shown on the photo below. The bore pits will be placed at the nose (ends) of the esplanades.

We’re working with the contractor to ensure they make efforts to avoid disturbing the trees or cutting them down. Also, there is landscaping at the ends of the esplanades as well as sprinklers along the esplanades. Some of the bushes and landscaping will need to be temporarily removed to accommodate the bore pits.

  • 1-Year Warrantee: The Contractor is required to restore all disturbed areas to the same or better condition (landscaping, sprinklers, sodding, driveways, etc.). After the project is completely finished, the project will go into a 1-year warrantee during which time the contractor will warrantee the new water lines and repair work.
  • Traffic and Parking: Regarding work on Jones Road, the Contractor mentioned they will need to shut down one lane of traffic during work hours. He said they intend on starting at 7am and ending at 4 or 5PM before traffic starts picking up. We have instructed the Contractor not to park in front of mailboxes.
  • Notifications: Last Saturday (January 16th), the Contractor placed door hangers at the residents located within two houses of Jones Road (From Norchester Village Drive to Cypresswood Dr.) and notified them of the upcoming work. Also, the Contractor is supposed to notify the CCUD Operator 48-hours before service is scheduled to be interrupted. In general, when these interruptions in water service occur, they are expected to be for several hours. This will happen occasionally throughout the project.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising – Project Update

We are about 4-6 weeks away from starting the sanitary sewer cleaning and televising work within Norchester Sections 1 and 2 (generally the area in the District from Archmont Dr. to Cypresswood Dr.).

The sanitary sewers are typically located in the back yards. The attached sample door hanger, provided by the Contractor (AIMS), will be used to notify the residents of the work as well as their responsibilities and what they can expect.