Boil Water Notice Rescinded

Work on water service lines at the addresses shown below has been completed and we have received satisfactory test results for the water and are putting notices on the doors to rescind the Boil Water Notice. The following addresses were affected, and may now use water as usual.

  • 10503 to 10626 Archmont
  • 10502 to 10618 Brentway

Watch for Rescinding Notices on Your Front Door

Cypress Creek Utility District would like to thank you for your cooperation during the water outage and boil water notification period.

We have received satisfactory results that the water is safe, and we are issuing the Boil Water Rescind Notice.

Recycling Pickup Delayed

Posted 3/13/2021 by Rob Nixon

Pickup of recycling on Saturday 13 March has been delayed due to a substitute driver error. Texas Pride is attempting to get a crew out Saturday evening to do the pickup. If they are not able to get a crew out on Saturday, they will pick up the recycling on Sunday.

Recycling may be left out Saturday night for pickup in the morning. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Water Connection & Boil Water Notices

Work is progressing on the CyCreekUD project to replace aging water lines. Starting on Monday, workers will begin to switch water service lines over to the new main lines. This requires turning off water for several hours, on a block-by-block basis, to reconnect the lines. When that work is completed, testing is required to verify that the water is safe to drink. That testing takes about 24-48 hours. After water is tested and approved, the BOIL WATER NOTICE will be rescinded. See details below.

The following addresses will be affected by water outages on Monday, March 15, 2021, from 9 am to 2 pm:

  • 10503 to 10626 Archmont
  • 10502 to 10618 Brentway

Watch for Notices on Your Front Door

One side of the notice is about the water outage and the other side will include a BOIL WATER NOTICE. The boil water notice will likely be in effect 24-48 hours.

Updates will be sent by email (if you have signed up for CCUD emails) and posted on the website:

Work to Begin March 3 on Sanitary Sewer Rehab in Norchester

By Rob Nixon 3/2/2021

Due to the freeze, the sanitary sewer televising work which was scheduled to begin on February 22nd is now scheduled to start this Wednesday, March 3rd.

Throughout the project, door hangers will be placed 48-hours in advance at the homes which will be affected by the sanitary sewer televising.

Generally, the work will start along Archmont and then progress towards the north to Cypresswood Drive.

Recycling Pickup Schedule

We heard from a number of residents that recycling was not picked up last Saturday. Texas Pride reports that repercussions of the great freeze last week prevented them from making all their regular pickups on Saturday. That situation has been resolved this week and pickups this Saturday are on the regular schedule.

2020 Tax Rates

Information on 2020 tax rates set by taxing authorities in our area has recently been compiled. The map and table below shows the various taxing authorities and their 2020 tax rates. The board is pleased that Cypress Creek Utility District tax rate is among the lowest in this area of the county. Our goal is to keep this rate as low as possible consistent with reliable delivery of high quality service.

Notice of Water Line Replacement and Boil Water Notice

As part of the Cypress Creek Utility District replacement of water lines, water service to homes on Archmont Drive, Brentway Drive, Creektree Drive, and Dunbrook Drive will be shut off for cutover to the new lines in about 2 weeks. Shutoffs will occur street-by-street at different times for different streets. This is to allow switching water flow to the new main lines and reconnections of service lines to homes to the new main lines. The water service cutover and reconnections are expected to take 4 to 6 hours, and are planned to take place in mid-February.

After the new water lines are in place and homes reconnected, it is necessary to flush out the new lines and perform bacteriological testing to verify that the water is safe to drink. This procedure is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). As part of the required procedure, each home, *** ONLY the homes directly affected, not the whole subdivision *** will receive a boil water notice on their front door. This notice is required by TCEQ until we receive satisfactory test results from water samples taken after flushing the lines. The boil water Notice calls for customers to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking, etc.) It will take 24-48 hours for us to receive the test results. Once satisfactory test results have been received, another notice will be placed on front doors confirming that the boil-water notice is rescinded.

Thank you for your cooperation with this effort. We look forward to completing the new water lines to provide reliable water service for many years to come.

Waterline Replacement – Project Contacts

Construction of new water lines and rehabilitation of sewer lines is ongoing in the district.

For any questions or concerns about the water line construction, contact supervisor Jose Negrete 281-924-0396 at McKinney Construction.

For questions or concerns about the sanitary sewer construction, ask the Foreman in your area or call AIMS Construction at 281-485-8816.

To contact CCUD directly go to:

Waterline Replacement – Project Update

The new water line along Balcrest (between Dunbrook and Archmont) is being completed. The next steps, at this area, is to pressure test the lines, chlorinate it, and transfer water service connections from the old water line to the new one. This is expected to occur in the next week or two.

In addition, next week, the Contractor is scheduled to start installing the water line along Jones Road (staring at Norchester Village Drive then continuing north to Cypresswood Dr.). The new water line will be installed along the center of Jones Road along the esplanades and will connect to the existing waterline on the side streets. The water line will be placed under the pavement using bore pits as shown on the photo below. The bore pits will be placed at the nose (ends) of the esplanades.

We’re working with the contractor to ensure they make efforts to avoid disturbing the trees or cutting them down. Also, there is landscaping at the ends of the esplanades as well as sprinklers along the esplanades. Some of the bushes and landscaping will need to be temporarily removed to accommodate the bore pits.

  • 1-Year Warrantee: The Contractor is required to restore all disturbed areas to the same or better condition (landscaping, sprinklers, sodding, driveways, etc.). After the project is completely finished, the project will go into a 1-year warrantee during which time the contractor will warrantee the new water lines and repair work.
  • Traffic and Parking: Regarding work on Jones Road, the Contractor mentioned they will need to shut down one lane of traffic during work hours. He said they intend on starting at 7am and ending at 4 or 5PM before traffic starts picking up. We have instructed the Contractor not to park in front of mailboxes.
  • Notifications: Last Saturday (January 16th), the Contractor placed door hangers at the residents located within two houses of Jones Road (From Norchester Village Drive to Cypresswood Dr.) and notified them of the upcoming work. Also, the Contractor is supposed to notify the CCUD Operator 48-hours before service is scheduled to be interrupted. In general, when these interruptions in water service occur, they are expected to be for several hours. This will happen occasionally throughout the project.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising – Project Update

We are about 4-6 weeks away from starting the sanitary sewer cleaning and televising work within Norchester Sections 1 and 2 (generally the area in the District from Archmont Dr. to Cypresswood Dr.).

The sanitary sewers are typically located in the back yards. The attached sample door hanger, provided by the Contractor (AIMS), will be used to notify the residents of the work as well as their responsibilities and what they can expect.